AMS Marketing


ProDevice is Sole Agent/Marketer for its principals from USA, Europe and Asia.

We sell top twenty hospital consumables and many innovative products with quality and price economic approach.

Our top twenty hospital consumable products are Infusion Therapy Set (Infusion Set, 3-ways, Blood Transfusion Set, IV Catheters), Syringe, Tulle Dressing, etc.

For innovative products we promote Modern Wound Dressing, supporting braces, etc

Children and Baby care (CBC)

CBC is part of AMS marketing, focusing  as marketer of Children & Baby Care Products.

1. Brand Vision
Special quality for baby products that became the mainstay for the mother in providing safe and reliable total protection to the baby

2. Mission Product
Through the development of  trusted Research and Development, launched a major quality baby products that match market needs through the work of the company's best employees to provide security and confidence to their customers

PT Antarmitra Sembada - Headquarter
Jl. Pos Pengumben Raya No. 8 Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat 11560