Information Technology

PT Antarmitra Sembada provides services and integrated solutions in the fields of information technology infrastructure, system integration and reports delivery to our customer.

Our services both delivered to Customer as external service and Information System Management as internal service.

As a customer you will get the following benefits:

  1. Integrated to government online tax system
  2. Outstanding bill document
  3. Time delivery management system

All these services are provided by an application called AMS Online Distribution Core System (DCORE) running on our Virtual Private Network as backbone connectivity and also supported by reliable Data Center & Recovery system.

[ Principal Services ]

As a principal you will be provided with :

  • Daily data report on sales & stock
  • Automated Request & Approval system on Product Discount Proposal
  • Automated Claim on Bonus and Discount

These services are supprted with our application such as: CBD System, Online Suply Chain Management System, Online Approval Discount.

[ Outlet Service ]

  • Delivery time management system.

Service Applications System

  • Daily Data Delivery
    We deliver every transaction record to the central database twice each day , which will provide more accurate and uptodate information.
  • Integrated Ordering System
    Links over principals has been established for convinient and seamless data transaction from branches to principals
  • Virtual Private Network ( VPN )
    Conneting our major branch offices with hi-speed connection on  every  branch office of PT Antarmitra Sembada in Indonesia.
  • SIFORCE : Field Activity
    Service application for Sales force to gain or put datas directly to main database, which will make easier for the decision maker to maintain the sales activities.
  • CBD : Administration & Reporting
    The main core application that provide I/O of sales transaction.
  • ISDP: Integrated Sales & Distribution Platform
    An Application Platform which consist of many modular sub-applications that provide our branch office keep intact with the central database and it has a capabilities to be expanded as our future core distribution application.
  • SCMS : Supply Chain Management System
    Supply chain application for maintain stock and storage system in our logistic department.
  • Mobile App Integration
    Building  mobile application platform for ISDP-SCMS as enabler and provider of higher productivity , wide mobility ,  less paper  and less human error processing.

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Trillions in Sales

With increasing profit in Sales each Year, we are proud to set the Trillions Sales Target on upcoming years.

Information Technology

We believe that IT is the future weapon to expand our business. This year, our IT infrastructure and resources has managed to increase its availability and speed.

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In support of our company's principles, values, vision, and mission, it is the Human Resources' Mission to support the total operation in meeting its goals through its most valuable resource - it's PEOPLE.