Business Service

Line of Business

Our line of business is focus on:

  • Pharmaceuticals
    • Ethical
    • Over-the-counter (OTC)
  • Consumer Health Care (CHC) & Consumer Products
    • Food supplements
    • Personal care : Skincare / Cosmetics
    • Children & Baby Care
  • Medical ( Devices & Consumable Products )


Ever since the beginning, Antarmitra Sembada has been constructed to provide instant information on markets and performances for each of its principals. This is initiated by careful selections of office locations, which take into consideration operational ease, security of documents and data, conditions of the surrounding community, in complying with the recommendations from Ministry of Health.


  • Partners in Sales - Active concept
  • Marketing Intelligence data : competitors’ products, name of users
  • Marketing Intelligence Computerized Information - link to principal
  • Joint visit to customers or outlets.
  • Coordination Meeting every Saturday at each branch Training (product knowledge and selling skills) Promotion and consignment to launch new products


To create and increase sales of each principal
Implement marketing strategy of each principal in distribution side
To provide market information, sales report
Have regular meetings with principal’s marketing or sales : evaluating sales, growth, coverage, promotion program, inventory, product launching, etc. Solve problem and seeking for way out together with principals.

Quality Control

Service quality of PT Antarmitra sembada is maintain regularly.
We gain feedback from customer, principals, and public to increase the quality.
Our human resource are well trained and selectively chosen for the right position. In year 2000, our infrastructure is upgraded, especially in term of Data transfering.


This fully integrated, computerized system enables almost instant recognition of need for adjustment of field activities, and the individual requirements of principals. Basically, these reports cover the following issues:

  • Daily sales - in unit & Value
  • Weekly sales - in unit and value
  • Sales by area by product · Sales by customer
  • Bonus and Discount claims
  • Sales Return / Recall Product
  • Logistic and warehouse
  • Account receivables by customer
  • Payments to Principles
  • Account receivables monitoring.

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Trillions in Sales

With increasing profit in Sales each Year, we are proud to set the Trillions Sales Target on upcoming years.

Information Technology

We believe that IT is the future weapon to expand our business. This year, our IT infrastructure and resources has managed to increase its availability and speed.

Human Resource

In support of our company's principles, values, vision, and mission, it is the Human Resources' Mission to support the total operation in meeting its goals through its most valuable resource - it's PEOPLE.